87th Annual Academy Awards
It was really amazing to be part of the ceremony. I was responsible for the animation from transition of The Grand Budapest Hotel to Selma transit to The Theory of Everything. I also animated the whole spot for The Best Adapted Screenplay package, as well as some in between animation for the ceremony.
Studio: Elastic
Creative Director: Henry Hobson
Designers: Leanne Dare, Paul Kim, Yi-Jen Liu, Krystal Sojourner, Song Kim, Mia Marne
Animators: Peter Murphy, Alan Chen, Sam Sparks, Michael Relth, Steven Do, David Do, Cameron Walser, Lucy Kim, Richard Taylor, Tony Kandalaft, Ash Wagers, James Hurlburt
3D Artists: Kirk Shintani, Jose Limon, Cameron Walser, Paulo De Almada
Online Artists: Dan Ellis, Kevin Stokes, Gabe Sanchez
Additional Credits For Production Design Nomination Package:
T. Hunter Mccann, Fon Davis, David Shields, Charles Pettus, Jonathan Mateer, Michael Tavares, Erik Rojas, Nick Deliberto
Editor: Ryan Delk
Assistant Producer: Kyle Mcintyre
Producer: Carol Salek
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall
Music Director: Stephen Oremus