Android came to Brand New School to create some seamless, eye-catching animation to highlight their latest technology on Android 11. It's always fulfilling to use our creative skills for the greater good! 



Character Design



Executive Creative Director: Magnus Hierta
2D Animation Director: Gerald Soto
Copywriter: David Muhlenfield
Storyboards: JP Peer
Art Directors: Ren Chen, Cristina Barna
Designers: Olivia Blanc, Allen Lasseter, Valentino Vilches, Jelly Wei
Animators: Sung Yeop Sim, Elaine Lee, David Jouppi, Mathijs Juijten, Olle Engstrom, Philip Nordstrom, Ross Plaskow, 
Josh Parker, Scott Johnson, Anthony Kim, Naoko Hara
Assistant Editor: Andrew Polich
Producer: Grant Keiner
CCO: Jonathan Notaro
Audio Partner: Tiny Lion
Managing Partner: Devin Brook
Executive Producer: Garrett Braren
Head of Production: Johnna MacArthur
Resource Coordinator: Kelly Cousins