When Adidas came to Freise Brothers to tell the story of their infamous Code Chaos shoe going 'laceless', we envisioned the shoe breaking free from the confines of its old laces as if they were shackles. Once free, the shoe and mood of the spot shifts into a high-energy dance of freedom through movement, all viewed through a glitch-stricken lens. We partnered with visionary design director, Ren Chen, to guide the style and animation. Through 3D pixel projections and intricate fiber/thread simulations, Ren developed a fresh take on the glitch aesthetic that is a trademark for the Code Chaos model. The 3D shoe had to be photoreal, so we brought on 3D artist, Alejandro Santell, to craft the incredibly detailed shoe model and textures. The film announces a new era for the Code Chaos family and the visuals reinforce the shoe's innovative technology, focusing on flexibility and energy through movement.




Client: Adidas
Creative Director: Freise Brothers
Design Director: Ren Chen
Design & Animation: Hank Liu, Wei Ting Chen, Ren Chen
3D Model: Alejandro Santell
Producer: Mia Yang